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Dr. Smith is proud to be the third generation in his family to be a dentist. Following his fathers' advice to become educated prior to being trained, he attended The University of Notre Dame, graduating with a double major B.A. in Psychology and Pre-Professional Studies.

He continued his education at The University of Michigan's Dental School graduating in 1984. While attending The University of Michigan Dental School, he worked at The National Institute of Dental Research investigating Dental Materials.

After graduation from dental school, he practiced in Chevy Chase, Maryland, before moving to South Florida. He opened his private dental practice in its current location in 1986.

Dr. Smith is a member of The American Equilibration Society, The American Dental Association, The Florida Dental Association, The North Palm Beach County Dental Association (multi-year Board member), The Atlantic Coast District Dental Society, and former Faculty member of the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic. He has been and is an active member in numerous Dental Study Clubs throughout Palm Beach County.

Dr. Smith has completed thousands of hours of continuing dental education. He continues his lifelong learning, ensuring the care he delivers is based on the most sound scientific principals utilizing the latest safe, effective techniques.

Dr. Smith prides himself in providing his patients with the finest quality care in cosmetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, dental implant services as well as preventive care for long-lasting dental health. Dr. Smith’s true passion is to provide long term aesthetic quality dental care by creating the smile you were meant to have - one that is attractive, confident, and beautiful.

Dr. Smith maintains long-lasting relationships with his patients by providing the best, most comprehensive dental care available anywhere and by using the latest materials, technology and techniques in a respectful, relaxed, comfortable environment.

Dr. Smith’s patients love him for his dedication. With a true understanding that his patients need to be cared for and comforted in a relaxed environment, Dr. Smith and his staff pride themselves on personalized care for each and every patient.

Dr. Smith has treated patients who initially came to his office feeling their case was hopeless. These patients were delighted to find out they could actually get the smile they always felt they deserved. Working from the ground up, treating any oral health problems like gum and periodontal disease, Dr. Smith creates the healthy foundation for building a beautiful smile.

While technical savvy is of great importance, Dr. Smith places equal value on all aspects of the patient experience, from the first point of contact all the way through the final treatment.

Dr. Smith delivers world class dentistry to every patient and will exceed your expectations. His philosophy is to utilize minimally invasive techniques (whenever possible), careful consideration of aesthetics, and, above all, thorough communication with each patient.

If you are looking for a dentist who can make your smile shine again, you have arrived! Dr. Smith has the training and experience with both diagnosing and properly treating all aspects of your oral health and areas of reconstructive and rehabilitative dentistry.

Dr. Smith's Family

Dr. Smith has two sons, Alexander and Nicholas. The family enjoys numerous water and mountain sports. Recently, Dr. Smith has become an avid golfer. (Photo: Alexander, Nicholas and their grandfather, a retired oral surgeon.)

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